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Some of the terms on this site may be unfamiliar to our readers. Here’s a glossary of terms to help you get the most out of your visit here.

artifact : any object, document, picture with some historical significance, housed in the museum

ends : (usually plural) see warp

filling : see weft

Hopedale : refers to either the town of Hopedale, its residents as a group, or the geographic territory encompassed by the current town borders

Hopedale Community : when capitalized, refers to the original, Utopian experiment begun by Adin Ballou and his followers in 1842

knit : the act of producing a textile by looping a single thread around itself over and over again; Most T-shirts, for example are made of knit fabric.

94 Loomloom : a machine designed to aid in weaving textiles; Looms can vary from simple, hand looms to complex, powered, automatic looms.

pick  : see weft; can also refer to the event of the shuttle passing through the warp, depositing the weft (first pick, second pick, etc.)

shuttle : on a loom, a device that passes back and forth among the warp threads, carrying the weft thread from one side to the other

textile : cloth or fabric, especially of the woven or knitted varieties.

warp : on a loom, the many parallel threads that are bound together by the weft; also called the ends.

weave  : the act of producing a textile by passing one or more weft threads back and forth through many parallel warp threads; denim, for example, is a woven fabric.

weft : on a loom, the thread that passes back and forth, usually by means of a shuttle, to bind together the warp threads; also called filling, or picks.